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Caring for your Crystals



When you buy a crystal, one of the first things you need to do is cleanse it.

To cleanse your crystal’s energy, place it in a sun or moon lit area for 1 full earth rotation .

Although we make our pieces to last, please take good care of your jewelry, 

as it is piece of handcrafted art. 

We do not recommend burring or natural water cleansing our jewelry,

water & debres can cause damage to the piece.

Any excessive force, stress, or neglect to a piece can cause a stone to chip or pop out of a setting.

Opal's should be oiled frequently to prevenHazel's 8th Birthday!ing or breaking.

Always treat your crystals with love.





You are invited to 

Hazel's 8th Birthday Party!


Saturday, February 1st 

 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Kincaid Chalet West Room 

(Very left side of the building)

9401 Raspberry Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502


Get ready for a glowing dance party with 

Food, Refreshments, Cake, & Party Favors

Please Text Hazel's Mom Brooke to RSVP



All siblings are welcome, please just include how many kids will be attending in your text.


We will be opening gifts at the party, but gifts are never expected, only enjoyed by the birthday girl.

If you do decide to bring a gift, Hazel loves Art Projects, Games, Unicorns, anything Frozen,

Ninja Turtles, Rainbows, LoL Dolls, Poopsies, and pretty much anything your kids also likes :)







Our Thoughts on Crystals 


"Based on our experience with crystals & stones, they are in harmony with us.

Our energies & the energies of crystals have some-what of a symbiotic relationship.

Hazel's 8th Birthday!

A symbiotic relationship similar to the relationship humans have with trees.

With trees, we give them CO2 & they give back Oxygen,with crystals it's energy.

In a way both process' are a recycling of energy, a life force that is helping one another.

Crystals can amplify our wishes, feelings, thoughts, & energies... positivity is key.

Crystals & stones can hold onto previous energies, 

that is why it is good to cleanse them just incase there is any residual negative energy. 

We believe in giving your crystals love & positive energy, magic will soon follow.

Love your crystals, & they will love you right back."


Raw Crysta

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