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Glitter Services

Get glittered up for your party, event, or wedding!

One of our glitter artists can attend with all the fun you need to cover yourself & all your party guests in glitter.

We've done large Christmas parties, weddings, birthday parties, big events, and everything in between!

Please email us via or submit the form below.

Please include all of the details listed below, so we can send you a personalized quote,

or please complete the form at the bottom of the page. 


- Date of Event 

- Location 

- Start Glitter Time 

- End Glitter Time (min 2 hours) 

-# of people attending

- # of artists required (leave this out if you are unsure)


If your event is outside of Alaska, a festival (or event over multiple days), or over 500

people, please drop us an email to explain the details of what you need 60 days or more before the event. 


Request info or a quote 
Requesting a quote for non-package event?
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