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Artistry Glitter Application 

We have been the first 

Glitter Application Artists

in the state of Alaska since 2016. 


Raw Crystal Collective is the birthplace of



Garden Glitter



L O O K I N G    G L A S S   G L I T T E R

We make all of our Exclusive 

glitter mixes in house

- Our designs are originals -

imitating or re-producing our designs violates our legally protected copyright

Our owner Brooke has been specializing and

perfecting Artistry Glitter Application since 2010


Always offering

100% biodegradable plant cellulose glitter


That is derived predominantly from non-GMO sustainably farmed Eucalyptus Trees.

because we love the earth

And the Salmon!

We offer our artistry Glitter services  for parties, weddings, festivals, & other events in Alaska






Glitter application is generally safe but is applied loose and therefor comes with associated risks.

By participating in glitter application you understand and acknowledge the risks and benefits of glitter application, including but not limited to, eye exposure and injury, ingesting of glitter, inhalation of glitter, and skin reactions. Although all of these issues are rare, we want you to be responsible with your glitter. Make sure to never rub your skin and then your eyes, nose, or mouth, expose your face to the water, or high winds when wearing glitter. Know that your glitter is an extension of you and your light and brightness, and treat it with care. Always remove glitter gently with warm-hot water and soap, and if you are using "Super Stick" always follow with an oil base like coconut oil to remove excess residue. Never rub aggressively while removing glitter, as it can be abrasive to your gentle skin. We offer an allergy-friendly, natural, and gentle "Easy Off" option for people with sensitive skin.

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