A little about us

We apply Glitter to humans 

We hand-make jewlery, ceramic, hanging, & living Art

All for the love of it, but also t

o enhance your spiritual energy, 

& blossom your connection with the universe.

Our crystals & stones are from around the world, while all our jewelry is made by human hands in the USA. 

We only use quality solid 925 sterling silver for our rings, & raw crystals & stones. 

We create unique mixtures of glitter & Offer application services for Festivals, parties & events.

We offer biodegradable glitter, & "easy-off natural" vegan adhesive as well as our "super-stick" option.

We mold clay with our hands and create functional pieces of art out of stoneware and porcelain.

Everything we create is made with love.

Between the mountains and the sea in Anchorage Alaska...

Raw Crystal Collective is the existing imagination of it's owner Brooke.

You could say she does it all, but the magic never

really happens without a bit of help from her fairy friends. 

"I have never wanted this to be about just "my art" or about me as an artist..

I wanted to build a Vibe, and I think I have done that.

A place people think about coming to and working here is just simply fun and a good experience.

It is about Raw Crystal Collective, more than ever about mE.

I want to be able to also host other artists within my company at any time & feel that it is a home for them as well.

I always say WE when speaking on behalf of my company, because many people have been apart

of the experience, & I want to represent everyone who has helped my dreams come true,

not just acknowledge my progress & role."

-Brooke Amber